SchoolDocs – Quick Facts

The SchoolDocs Document Management System was designed around typical workflow and compliance processes within the college environment. SchoolDocs enhances your current student management software, produces a positive impact on performance, and allows your organization to operate more efficiently.

Compliance Management

SchoolDocs helps ensure that your organization identifies, manages and controls regulatory risks.

Electronic Enrollment Without Scanning

SchoolDocs gives your organization the ability to enroll every student electronically using e-forms and e-signature capabilities.

Disaster Recovery

All document images and vital information may be backed up to secure locations.

Reduced Storage Space

Use of electronic files and images reduces space requirements for boxes, file cabinets, and other forms of physical storage.

Simplified Audit Process

Preparation for audits has never been easier. Auditors are able to access required files electronically. This reduces disruption to operations and the time-consuming job of pulling information.

Scanning of Paper Documents

In addition to scanning support to create images of documents, electronic files from any software program may also be captured. Documents generated by applications such as Microsoft™ Office, EDExpress, student information systems, or accounting systems may be organized and managed by SchoolDocs.

Safeguarding Critical Documents

SchoolDocs increases security by allowing only authorized users to access private student information.

Expedited Document Access & Transfer

Finding documents is much faster because student records appear at the click of a button. SchoolDocs also reduces the amount of time administrative staff spends copying and transporting documents to financial aid servicers. SchoolDocs can provide the financial aid company remote access to electronic documents.

Change Tracking

SchoolDocs provides a structured way to track documents as they move through the record life cycle. SchoolDocs provides a complete historical outline of all actions taken on every document within your files, and provides a single access point to display student information.

Document Sharing

SchoolDocs makes it easy to share and distribute documents to colleagues, regulatory agencies or multiple locations or campuses. All records are centrally available to authorized users.

SchoolDocs Feature Summary

  • Web-enabled Virtual Campus for Sharing and Distributing Documents
  • Instant Access & Virtual Collaboration Across Locations
  • Virtual Audit
  • Virtual Financial Aid Processes (for servicer or in-house)
  • Audit Logs, Security and Privacy
  • E-mail on the Fly and Secure Mail
  • Virtual Sharing with Lenders, Servicers, and Other 3rd Parties
  • Pre-Audit Compliance Reporting: Find and Eliminate Missing Documents and Signatures
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Retention and Disposition Scheduling for Electronic and Paper Files
  • Reduction of Duplicate Data Entry
  • Custom Searches and Reports
  • Integration with Various Student Management Systems and Windows™ Applications
  • Electronic Forms and Signatures
  • Tracking of Document Revisions and History