Here are 10 important questions to ask before selecting a roofing contractor:


  • Does your contractor have a “real” place of business and are they telling you they will “pay” your deductible?
    Make sure he/she does not work out of their car/garage/apartment/house. “Here Today. Gone Tomorrow” is very a very typical business model for out-of-town contractors who chase storms and pose as if they are local contractors, but instead are only in town for the ‘Quick Buck’.  Be sure your roofing provider is historically well established in your area. Paying deductibles is against the law. The Kansas Attorney General will allow up to $500.00 for a sign allowance toward their deductible for company advertising. NOTE: If a contractor tells you they will pay your $2,500.00 Deductible right after they “knocked on your door” there is a good chance they will have unexperienced crew, poor unethical business practice, and will install cheap materials and poor workmanship.
  • Is your roofing contractor licensed with the Kansas Attorney General? North Slope is compliant with both state and local agencies and holds licenses for all surrounding Wichita areas. If the “contractor” isn’t licensed, they CAN’T operate. It’s the LAW!
  • Is your contractor a member of the Better Business Bureau?
    Reputable contractors will be long standing members of the BBB. North Slope Roofing currently has an A+ Rating.
  • Is your contractor or inspector qualified to advise in filing a hail claim? Many contractors here in Wichita or “storm chancers” advise homeowners to file a claim even when there is little to no damage. They do this in hopes the roof gets paid by the adjuster. When the adjuster denies the claim, you have an open claim and that is never good. North Slope is one of the only General Contractor’s that is HAAG Certified for both Residential and Commercial Roofing. North Slope Inspectors are qualified to accurately documents evident storm damage that will result in a TOTAL Roof Replacement. North Slope as a company has a 99% success rate over the past 4 years in dealing with adjusters and getting roofs totaled. Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to accurately determining if a roof is a total vs a repair, dealing with insurance adjusters, industry knowledge, outstanding workmanship and skill set to document our findings. North Slope will back it up and our reputation speaks for itself.
  • Does your contractor have credit with material suppliers?
    Contractors that don’t have credit with material suppliers tend to move from storm to storm rather than establishing a business in one location. These contractors are less likely to offer you a workmanship warranty on your roof and if they do, they might not be around within a few years if a warranty problem comes up.
  • Does your contractor pay their bills? Just because the job is closed out doesn’t mean your contractor paid for all your materials. When this happens, a lien is filed from the supplier so don’t be afraid to ask the contractor if they have been involved with any legal suits or liens that were filed due to their negligence. Don’t be a victim of another contractor’s financial carelessness!
  • Does your contractor give you a choice of shingle brand or upgrades? North Slope offers many types of shingle options and also give free upgrades so be sure to ask about them. A contractor should inform you of the various brands available in your area and give their recommendations for your home. North Slope wants to see you save money on your homeowners so when you do business with us, you will get many upgrades!
  • Does your contractor have general liability and workers compensation insurance? NSR does have full coverage for both liability and workman’s comp insurance. Many fly-by night companies don’t have adequate insurance nor do their crews so make sure to check incase something happens. Always make sure that your contractor has current general liability and workers compensation insurance in case of an accident occurring at your home. You can request a copy of the insurance certificate to make sure it is in good standing.
  • Does your contractor have a roofing crew leader and superintendent to oversee your roofing installation? North Slope has a crew chief and project manager on all jobs making sure every total roof is up to code and installed properly. Each job is also checked by a superintendent or inspector multiple times a day.
  • Does your contractor pull permits? The good contractors pull roofing permits and the bad ones don’t. If they tell you a permit doesn’t need to be pulled or wants you to pull the permit for them, those are all red flags. Permits are required in most jurisdictions and cities across Kansas. Many other smaller cities such as Kechi, Valley Center, and Park City require license to re-roof. North Slope pulls permits on every job and all our jobs pass inspection.