Your step-by-step guide to the Insurance Process and how North Slope can help you.


Roof Inspection

Have your roof thoroughly inspected by a North Slope Inspector for storm related damage.


File A Claim

If you have damage, contact your insurance claims department to file a claim and request that an insurance adjuster inspect your home. Make sure


Set the Adjuster

IMPORTANT: Be sure a North Slope representative is on site when the adjuster makes their initial visit.

Once you hear from the adjuster, contact North Slope to let us know when the adjuster meeting is. We will meet with the insurance adjuster to scope the damages.
We are trained professionals and will insist on a fair and complete statement.
After our initial meeting, the adjuster will determine a ìfair market valueî to repair the damage to your home. This value must include the rising costs of labor, materials, and the transfer of materials that will be incurred. North Slope will then complete all work on the property loss worksheet for the amount the insurance company allows. North Slope will process all checks which require endorsements from your mortgage company. Sit back, relax, and let your professional staff work through the insurance process and re-roofing project with experience and dedication to customer satisfaction.

State insurance laws state that a contractor cannot represent you in your insurance claim. However, we can meet with your insurance adjuster to scope the damages and insure that all damaged items are addressed at the time of inspection.


Review the Paperwork

After your insurance adjuster has inspected the property, you should receive paperwork outlining the damaged items. Once you receive this paperwork, contact your North Slope Representative. We will review the documents to insure that all items have been paid for correctly. If so, we will schedule a time to meet with you to begin your material selection process. If not, we can go over your options to insure you receive the correct “Fair Market Value” Pricing you deserve from your insurance company.


Sign the Contract & Select Materials

Once your total claim value is settled, we will meet with you to sign your replacement contract and get your material selection.





The contract price will be equal to the amount of money allowed by the insurance company and never greater than that amount. In some cases, North Slope’s standard pricing is greater than the insurance company will allow. We use an independent pricing guideline that provides industry standard “fair market value” pricing for all areas of the United States, and is recognized by most insurance companies. We can submit a supplement to the insurance company for their consideration to raise their pricing to the “fair market value.”

Your total out of pocket cost is always known before signing a contract.
North Slope assumes any pricing risk involved in the installation of your new roof or other repairs. You know exactly what your expense will be.


Roof Installation

We will install your roof system to manufacturer’s specifications.


Payment & Recoverable Depreciation

Once the installation is complete, your ACV and deductible amount is due. We will send a final invoice to your insurance company to release your recoverable depreciation and any supplemental amounts (if applicable) to you.


Final Payment

Once you have received your recoverable depreciation and any supplemental amounts (if applicable), contact us to schedule a time to collect your final payment. Once paid in full, your file will be sent to warranty processing. You should receive your warranty documents within 2-3 weeks via US Mail.


Utilizing North Slope’s insurance knowledge

North Slope is quite familiar with Homeowner’s Policies, damages caused by hail, and wind, and the requirements each insurance carrier has for a roof to be totaled and therefore replaced. We have established relationships with many insurance adjusters, and have gained their respect.