We can direct you to independent groups that can help provide education and consultation about document management systems. An informed buyer should also see the product in action at an installed location. SchoolDocs offers a tour of colleges and other organizations that have already experienced successful installs. We can work with you to connect your school to others that have made similar decisions.

Yes. One of the greatest advantages of a document management system is the ability to protect your files. SchoolDocs has many options for disaster recovery, including hosted solutions, mirrored servers, and off-site redundant servers.

Yes, SchoolDocs goes beyond the standards by enforcing four levels of security. SchoolDocs protects your organization through security on the information (documents), system (software), people (employees), and departments (organizations).

Yes. Through a feature called Simple Save, SchoolDocs can capture information from any e-mail system, and many school management systems, and Microsoft Office applications.

Yes. SchoolDocs offers a hosted solution with the same functionality as our internal solution.

Yes, SchoolDocs offers a secure solution that enables system users to utilize every feature from the local network or from the Internet. Although SchoolDocs has a thick client, it may also be used as a completely web-based solution providing a user-friendly interface whether working locally or over the Internet.

SchoolDocs has specific features that combine a blend of records and document management especially geared toward schools.

SchoolDocs is a document and records compliance management software solution that improves a college’s organization, compliance, efficiency, and overall processes while reducing operational costs. SchoolDocs includes processes for scanning existing paper documents, creating electronic forms with electronic signatures, deploying web-based forms that enforce business rules and policies, retention modules, a disaster recovery solution, and compliance monitoring tools.